(pronounced “Less Shampoo" w/o the h)
has been around the musical block.  With six albums of original songs and numerous placements on Film and TV,  Sampou writes, sings, plays guitar, and puts on a show all with the ease of the seasoned veteran she is. Montreal Jazz Fest, SXSW, Philly Folk etc., she's been there, played that and is on their T-shirts.  

Her new CD, out this month, takes all these road tested skills and delivers it up live: "Les Sampou Live at Church," is raw, full of integrity and dynamic talent.  And believe us, you will get religion when you hear it. Enjoy.

Windinhair copy 12mb
Front cover les sampou live at church ep101 2
Back cover les sampou live at church ep101 2

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Photos by Sam Haddix and Ian Murray
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