"Album of the Year: Lonesomeville" John Conquest, Free Form Americana Radio, Austin Texas

"Powerfully expressive, her new album, "Lonesomeville,'' is a personal Top Ten favorite of the year." 
STEVE MORSE, Contributor, Rolling Stone Magazine, Boston Globe 

"Sampou never wavers from a steady tone of genuinesness...sharply observant songs." DOWNBEAT

“'Lonesomeville' evokes a Tom Waits-like world…." Sing Out Magazine
Les Sampou    (pronounced “Less Shampoo" w/o the h) writes and sings Americana music that’s full of twang and blues. Her musical career has spanned five recordings and countless listening rooms, bars, and festivals as well as over several hundred thousand miles of road. ‘Lonesomeville’ is the diary. It takes you through lonely hotel rooms, endless highways, and the bedrooms of hard-living lovers. Jonathan Perry of the Boston Globe writes, “Sly, lived-in songs about mismatched lives, hard goodbyes, and honky tonk heartbreak; all of which makes Lonesomeville not such a bad place to be after all, especially if she’s playing there."

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